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We think belief is important. Would the very belief be enough to change the direction of flow? A little more belief and happiness may reduce health costs, people becoming radicalised, and have other advantages too, so providing a little more to build upon in a tangeable form too. A little change in belief can be built upon in the right way, and only a small change is needed to tip the balance away from tiny decline into the opposite direction. Its often a few words that are more powerful than extra resources in politics. Political nudges as opportunities to shape nations so all of the public feel valued, social engineering, security, self belief and happiness building & breeding upon itself.

Our Values

MISSION: To provide insights that improve the world. It is purely what a modern enlightened public see as a democratic deficit that needs addressing to fix government which need not be painful if addressed correctly, quite the opposite, beneficial to the public and to politicians even more so.

STRENGTHS: Using psychology to an advantage. Socially valuable, apolitical ideas that make everyone happy and governments popular. Easy positive changes that require little, yet have greater more obvious benefits than big policy often does. We have a completely new and exciting strategy and philosophy that we developed independently and provides a unique slant on the usual mixes of social value, economics, etc., that we tend to base everything we do on. It seems so effective in this time of change. I wish we could be clearer without giving the game away. Once we know who you are, we will happily send you our roadmap.

HELPING BUSINESS: UK ThinkTank com advised UK communications business, BT how they could halt the decline in home phone usage. Residential phones are not as common in homes as they once were. People used to be happily inquisitive when the phone rang, but now tend to roll their eyes at the thought of yet another nuisance call. Call filtering was an extra that could be purchased. This policy now made little sense. Why should you pay extra to make it a bearable experience? People just dread the phone and don't come back. It could still be better. They have now released a service called Call Protect which includes previously pay for call filtering extras.


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